POLI 474

In this course, we cover the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli conflict from a position of purposeful neutrality. My main goal in the course (as highlighted below) is to make students interact with views from various sides of the conflict and be able to articulate those views in a respectful manner. Importantly, I do not have a goal of persuading students toward any particular view. Because many of my students are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we also spend some time discussing the presence of the church in historic Palestine and modern-day Israel.

Course purpose from syllabus:

  • Understand the most important historical incidents and figures related to the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.
  • Understand and deeply engage with perspectives on all sides of the conflict.
  • Explain, in simple language, why the conflict is in its current state.
  • Understand what causes tension and conflict between social groups and how those principles apply to this conflict.
  • Apply the principles we learn to conflicts in your own life through regular reflection.
  • Improve your writing and critical thinking skills in line with the learning outcomes of the political science department.

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I most recently taught this course during the winter semester of 2023.