POLI 357

This course provides an introduction to the politics of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The first module of the course provides an overview of the history of the modern Middle East, primarily using James Gelvin’s book “The Modern Middle East” as well as the first chapter of Ellen Lust’s textbook. The second module of the course then looks at several themes important to political science scholars who study the MENA region. Finally, the third module of the course looks at specific country cases, applying what was learned in the first two to specific cases.

Course purpose from syllabus:

  • Gain greater respect and awe for the people and cultures of the MENA region.
  • Be able to recount important, foundational facts about the politics of the countries of the MENA region.
  • Be able to argue for or against explanations for the current political and developmental state of the countries of the MENA region in both oral and written form.
  • Be able to communicate in simple terms with a non-scientific audience about the Middle East

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I most recently taught this course during the fall semester of 2023.